The Art of Re-Branding

A re-brand is a bit like experimenting with a new hairstyle. Tempting, but risky. If you’re considering revitalising your business with a re-brand, here’s some inspiration for methods you can use to safely breathe new life into yours.

The first question you should be asking is, why the re-brand? Has your product range diversified? Target audience expanded? Maybe you’ve had a poor response to your current brand. It’s looking old and tired, or your brand has simply matured and in need of a face-lift. Whatever the reason, you need to question whether a re-brand is the right move. Will you be making subtle changes, or are you looking for a complete brand overhaul? If there is equity in your current brand identity, this will make the process even more delicate, as a change comes with the risk of damaging credibility and alienating loyalists. If you’ve weighed up your options and are ready to make the jump, you can take some guidance from these examples.


Change Your Identity

If your brand is lacking visually, that’s as valid reason as any to breathe new life into your visual brand identity. This can encompass anything from logo, to fonts, design elements and iconography. One brand who did this well were Uber, who launched a global brand overhaul in 2016. The change was necessitated by global expansion into 65+ countries and diversification of their service offering, which meant the re-brand was no small feat. It involved a complete shift in visual identity, from colour palettes to photography guidelines and tone of voice specifications. The re-brand helped to solidify Uber as a global transport powerhouse, made possible by a sizeable budget and strict rules of adherence. The lesson here is that if you’re going all in, you need to leave no stone unturned. A visual re-brand should be seamless. You do not want to fragment your identity with old and new assets existing at the same time, or across various touch points. Cohesion is key.


Change Your Personality

Who says you have to change how you look? You can also change how your brand behaves, or more specifically, what you say and do. Old Spice utilised this method when they came to the realisation their heritage brand was failing to appeal to younger consumers. It turned out not a lot of young men wanted to smell like granddad. Old Spice utilised a popular sports star, ‘the man your man could smell like’ and changed their brand positioning to target women with comical viral videos. The result was an unprecedented shift in sales and popularity, all achieved with the same old logo and packaging.


These are just a few of the ways in which you can revitalise your brand for the modern day. We work closely with clients in need of change, to help them understand their brand’s potential and a clearer path to success. If you’re looking to re-brand, consider the methods above, or give us a call to chat about how we can get your brand looking and feeling brand new.


By Studio7

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